Happy 20th birthday, the * quilting * bee

In honour of the q*bee’s 20th anniversary, I’ve relaunched the quilting bee website to highlight what the club represented to its members, and the importance of the network during the early years of web design.

In an age where launching a website was a mammoth task – without the wealth of tutorials and online courses we have these days – the club was an important link for webmasters who aspired to demonstrate their creativity in both pixel art and design. Members demonstrated a whole host of early knowledge in languages such as HTML and CSS, which gave some the grounding to go on and form careers in the digital industry.

The * quilting * bee was a crucial source of online friendship for me personally during several difficult times in my life, and I hope to honour its memory over the course of 2020 (and maybe beyond).

Every member, designer and supporter, every worker bee, queen and friendly host – your contributions over the years made the club a special place to *bee* and your passion lives on in the tales of many.

Still buzzing, Jem.

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2 responses to “Happy 20th birthday, the * quilting * bee”

  1. jem says:

    Test comment lorem ipsum etc

  2. Ashley says:

    Ahhhh!! The Q*Bee!!! <3

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